Monday, January 23, 2017

Beautiful Modest Dresses

 I was in need of some clothes for church since it had been a long time when I last bought some for myself. It's easy to mix and match different blouses with skirts, but I was excited to get some new dresses. I couldn't find any I loved around Christmas time, but I found a few afterwards and I was so excited to wear them! The best part of it all now is that I have a promo code to share with all my friends! Code: HARDING5 and you get $5 off anything in the shop!

These dresses are so comfy! I think that's a real need for running mommas! The white floral dress in the bottom is sooo soft and I would wear it everyday if I could!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Everyday Makeup

From left to right and top to bottom, here are products I use everytime I go out and why. 
  • Starting with the Dream Lumi Concealer by Maybelline (Ivory color for me). I highlight and contour and it makes a HUGE difference. I'm a lot more photogenic with this stuff. Click here for my favorite makeup blogger, who is a genius.
  • This blush is by e.l.f. and it's a coral color which works with my skin and I think most skin colors. It's very comparable to expensive blushes and goes on so well. I'm currently using a coral Lancome blush because I like getting their gift bags with one purchase from them. I do that maybe once a year.
  • I cannot say enough about L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara because it is SO GOOD! My lashes look thick, long and curled. People always ask me if my eyelashes are fake. Get it! No clumps!!
  • FIT ME foundation by Maybelline. I use the dewy one because I have dry skin, so it's moisturizing and makes my skin look fresh and glowy. It's also very comparable with my Lancome foundation. I actually prefer the Fit Me and it's only $5 at Walmart and Target. Same coverage!
  • Master Precise liquid liner is bomb for that cat eye. I usually make mine more subtle because I like a natural look. It's precise and stays on all day long.
  • Bahama Mama bronzer, ugh, I love this stuff. It's such an affordable bronzer and not shimmery which is hard to find! It looks natural and gives you that perfect contour! You could also give it double use to fill in your eyebrows depending on your hair color. I get mine on ebay for less than $10, I once paid $5 so really search it out! 
I use these everyday! For special occasions aaaand casual days! Of course I go lots of days without makeup, but if I'm getting ready this is what I use! And I feel ready and like I can conquer the world! I highly recommend these products and most average around $5! I didn't put eyebrow makeup because that needed it's own post which will be made soon.

PS. my before and after is not edited at all!