Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hudson's Halloween Party!

This was a really fun piΓ±ata to make! One of our favorites. My mom came up with slurpee lids for the goggles!!

His party decor was all from Zurcher's, Target Dollar section, and Dollar Tree!

This boy loves his birthday and Halloween. I really can't tell you which he might like more... I'm going to go with Halloween for now. Talk of witches all year round and dressing up. It's finally here and I think he is fully embracing all the Halloween movies (watching Hocus Pocus + Halloween Town made my lifeee), decor, pumpkins, and costume stores that temporarily pop up in the area. It's so funny and cute to watch his fascination and excitement everywhere we go. He is a sweet mama's boy and I can't believe he is 4! But at the same time I can since baby boy 3 is coming so he's gotta be 4 haha. He is a light in our home and we all are Hudson fans. James is excited to see him in the morning and copy him all day long. I love watching their little brotherhood which makes up for the tantrums and hard moments ha! I hope this year brings him lots of new things, knowledge, love, faith, adevntures, hotel trips (he loves hotels), and support from everyone who loves him. Ah, happy birthday sweet guy! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Friday, October 20, 2017

Family Halloween Costumes That Cost A Dime

  1. Shark Attack - The shark costumes were cute and I found them at Target! I ordered the Lifeguard tee on Amazon and found my shorts & fanny pack at the DI. Zach had everything for the surfer costume, we just added some black eyeshadow and bandages for wounds! 
  2. Toddler Harry Potter - was mostly thanks to Walmart! I got a mens black long sleeve tee and cut to the collar, but stopped there so it would look like a robe. The scarf and badge were just cut out and hot glued on. I painted a wooden stick for the wand and the glasses were Harry Potter glasses from Zurcher's and were the best I found compared to online that year.
  3. Mickey - was also thanks for Walmart! Only time I had to buy baby girl tights for James haha. He loved wearing his Mickey hat so he was happy about it! I just hot glued the the white felt ovals to red shorts.
  4. Aladdin and Jasmine - I had the sweats and everything. I just hot glued a jewel from a cheap necklace I happened to have to aqua fabric and I think it was more in the hair do. For Zach I cute a purple tee from Walmart and had him wear gray sweats since all the whites were out. 
  5. Football Fam - Hudson was not even 2 weeks old and I sewed and used hot glue for his football costume from JoAnn Fabric. We had everything else except I borrowed a referee tee from the church basketball closet. 
I loooove Halloween! I love an excuse to dress up! I think it's so fun to dress up my boys too, but they are beginning to choose their own costumes and it's cute to see how happy they are plus I think they look cute in anything haha. What's your best Halloween Costume??

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Flattering ✔️ Modest ✔️ Super Affordable ✔️✔️

Dress | Shoes | Gray Motto Jacket (T.J.Maxx in store & under $40πŸ˜‰)

So 9 out 10 times I want to throw something comfy and simple on for church. That's why I love this dress. I had a tunic before that didn't tie with a knot well because the ends weren't even, but these ones are! It's stretchy and flattering around my growing bump and pairs with almost any jacket, cardigan, and shoes. So it's easy to wear over and over for many combos. The dress is from Cleo Madison which has lots of modest and affordable options. Best of both worlds! I may even use it for my Halloween costume so we shall see. πŸ˜ I also love my jacket that was inspired by Amanda Stanton. I linked everything above!